Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Government Greenbacks

42x34 - Acrylic on canvas
(Port Washington, Long Island)

I wondered what it was like here in 1952. This lot of land in Long Island was owned by the government… our government? Yes, the one that tries to run the world with its gritty greenbacks.   SOLD

Gold Burst

37x55 Acrylic on canvas
(Tribeca & Morningside Heights, NYC)
That beautiful burst beyond the blues, browns, and bronzes… but below, all that is “New York’s creation,” with its feverish pulse that pushes the pursuit of happiness. SOLD

The NYC me

32x24  Acrylic on canvas
Upper Westside, NYC
“NYC”? … “The best and worst of everything”… and tons of it. Yet I will always love it.

Feeling Freedom

25x26 - Acrylic on canvas (Tribeca, NYC)
They dropped this cover one block south of Canal Street. I felt the fight for freedom, knowing that on September 3rd 1838 in the building beside me Frederick Douglass disguised himself as a sailor making a stop at this “A” station of Underground Railroad. I wondered if the person who installed this in 1918 thought, “How far we have come.” Yet here I think, 94 years later, “We still got a ways to go.” ($500.)

Earths Energy

25x26 - Acrylic & Oil on canvas (Brooklyn Heights, NYC)
Lately in Manhattan, coal covers have been hard to come by, as most sidewalks have been repaved over. But Brooklyn Heights was a gold mine for me. It was just a matter of finding the right energy inside of me that needed to land on the canvas. On this day, the never-ending energy of the Earth swarmed in a circular motion.  ($500.)

Electric Sun

26x54 - Acrylic on canvas
(Morningsidepark, NYC)
Its purpose is to cover the world of electricity that lies beneath the sidewalks of this city.  It is a manhole of “energy”.  I found it only fitting to feel the energy of the sun. ($600.)

Love Letters

25x26 - Acrylic & Oil on canvas
(Brooklyn Heights, NYC)
Within the seams of the slate sidewalks sit the covers that sent me back a century or so. I could feel the “LOVE” this neighborhood had for history. “L.O.V.E.” — letters that never leave us and ones that landed on my canvas.